Put a name with a face! Meet the K-8 Bison Staff for 2015-2016   

     Audra Plummer/ K-5 Principal                                                                   

    Celeste Claggett / K-3 Lead Teacher                                                         

     Julie Pfister / 4th-5th Lead Teacher

 Nicole Ellison / Title I Coordinator


   Cassie Lee/ K     

    Delaini De La Cerda / K

    Andrea Orr / 1st                                


  Karin Campbell / 3rd Grade

 Marianne Day / 3rd Grade

  Sindi Dremann / 1st 

  Cady Looper / 4th Grade           

  Barbie Sloan / 4th Grade          

  Beth Davis / 5th Grade

 Stacy Buck / 5th Grade                                      

 Cara Carroll / Special Education Resource Teacher         

  Megan Dillard / Special Education Resource Teacher


  Amy Jaques / Special Education Resource Teacher    

  Eddie Kelly Reading Resource Teacher    

  Sandra Powell / Middle School Principal

  Erin Starkey / Middle School Lead Teacher & PE Teacher

  Heather Miles / Middle School Lead Teacher & MS Writing Lab


Crystal Jones / 6th Grade Math

  Cindy Millard / 6th Grade Social Studies

  Amy Conder / 7th Grade Language Arts

  Ginger Trouba / 7th Grade History

  Kristin (Marina) Johnson / 8th Grade Social Studies

 Beth Watt / Math Resource Teacher

  Aleshia Montgomery / Special Education Resource Teacher


Shauna Johnston / Special Education Resource Teacher 

Where do I start?

  1. Log in to the Online School (OLS) and set up a student account

  2. Watch orientation videos

  3. Attend a Parent Network Workshop

  4. Connect with the virtual school community by participating in an online club or local event

  5. By the first day of school you will receive a welcome checklist. Review the checklist and complete all items listed for a successful start.

  6. Log in to the Online School (OLS) and set up student account. Both the learning coach and student should have individual user name and password to access the online school daily.

  7. Have student(s) complete ALL parts of the Introduction to Online Learning.

  8. Have student(s) complete any assigned beginning of year assessments. More information will be provided by homeroom teacher or parent liaison.


  9. Begin schooling on first day of school by completing daily assignments.(If waiting on materials the student will still log into online classes and complete online coursework.)

    OVCA is a public school and follows public school requirements. OVCA students are required to follow the expected attendance requirements. A student who does not meet the required state law requirement will be reported to their local district attorney for truancy. 

    OVCA measures attendance based on the following:
    1. Completion of assignments in a timely manner.
    2. Engagement in ongoing two-way communication with the teacher and OVCA staff for the purpose of instruction and assessment. Two-way communication may include, but is not limited to, active participation in assigned Class Connect sessions and assigned intervention/remediation sessions.

You will hear from your school representative once the school year starts. But by going through the steps outlined above, you will have already completed many of the tools needed to get your school year started.

Get Connected

OVCA facilitates discussions and provides peer-mentoring, academic support, and discussions to students and their families. Many of our parents have established wonderful relationships and learned valuable tips and tricks from other parents through the K12 Parent Network

A wide range of extracurricular clubs and programs at the national and local level provide numerous socialization opportunities to students. Many of our students enjoy participating in local and national, as well as in summer camps. We offer a wide variety of options throughout the summer and school year.

Join OVCA Booster Club to meet other parents, get tips, share advice, and more.

OVCA staff works hard to plan for the upcoming outings. Closer to the start of school we will release a tenative outing schedule for the school year.

Have fun and GO OVCA! Come out and get connected with OVCA students and staff! 

You can also get connected on facebook through co-ops in your area:

OVCA CO-OP South Central https://www.facebook.com/groups/1426537394234389/
OVCA CO-OP Northeast https://www.facebook.com/groups/168538123342038/
OVCA CO-OP North Central https://www.facebook.com/groups/168538123342038/

OVCA CO-OP Tulsa https://www.facebook.com/groups/1396437950590840/
OVCA CO-OP OKC https://www.facebook.com/groups/ovcacoop/
OVCA CO-OP Southwest https://www.facebook.com/groups/678593742152182/

K12 Curriculum—What to Expect?

The award-winning K12 curriculum brings lessons to life with a rich mixture of online and offline teaching tools, including interactive animations, award-winning printed books with beautiful illustrations and narrative, original CDs and videos, and materials for hands-on experiments. In addition, lesson plans for each subject are integrated, so your child may be reading literature from the same time period as the art or history lesson he or she is studying.

Elementary School

Your young learner will require your time and guidance to help him or her with completing schoolwork. This is a precious time for you and your child to engage in learning and exploring together-discovering the wonders of reading, math, history and science. In these early years of learning, your student is establishing important foundations for future academic and personal growth.

In elementary school you will work closely with your student's teacher to complete the daily lesson plan and monitor your student's progress and attendance. Your teacher is there to help you and your student, so please feel free to reach out whenever you have questions. This partnership with your student's teacher will ensure your child's ongoing success.

Middle School

Students become more independent in middle school, and begin to take more responsibility for their own learning with each passing year.

As part of his or her academic program, your student may be required to attend "Class Connect" sessions, where they will receive direct instruction from teachers and interact with peers.

In our Middle School program, your teacher will also work with you to ensure your child is progressing as expected academically. As always, please feel free to bring us your questions as you have them.

More Questions

Have additional questions about getting started with us? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.